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        Our Mission: A Secure Childhood for A Happy Adulthood 


Uma Kasi writes books that teach children,

parents and teachers about keeping safe from abusers.

At UKANTHI we are dedicated to bring safety to Children. Our books
teach children, parents and teachers about keeping safe from abusers Three
magic words No, GO and Tell can help children protect their bodies from

A Happy Childhood for Happy Adulthood

 Orlando-based Uma, who formerly worked with IBM and AT&T, teamed up with Elizabeth Becker, teacher of her five-year-old son, to write books for parents and children back home that dealt with the topic in a non-offensive, non-intimidating way. The language, of course, had to be really simple, for she wanted to reach children in smaller towns and cities.


Red Light Green Light Body Safety Rules


The Parent's Guide




The book for kids sets out to do just that. Important words and phrases are marked in vibrant red, and in bold. It talks to children, not down to them. It lets them know that they might be accosted, but empowers them with the knowledge to prevent abuse. Feelings play an important role in Uma's books. So, if kids feel “mad, sad, scared, and embarrassed…” it's time to act.


Uma strongly believes that prevention works wonders. Because, once abused, kids get confused and clam up and silently suffer more abuse. “These kids are at an age when they really can't describe what's happening. That is why we speak about a “No Touch area” that is off-limits. It is simple to remember too,” she adds.

The guide to teachers and parents instructs on how to initiate the topic with their child. It also speaks about cellphone and Internet safety, vital at a time when kids share their most private moments on social networks.

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